In this Appendix we have collected some additional materials to support experiments with Play the Knave and expansions of postdisciplinary collaboratory networks. Game on!

  1. Player Handbook for Play the Knave (PDF)
  2. Mekanimator Scriptmaker Handbook (PDF)
  3. Teaching Program: “Blood Will Have Blood: A Playful Approach to the Challenge of Teaching Shakespearean Tragedies in Violent Societies” (Lauren Bates and Gina Bloom)
  4. The Avatars of Play the Knave (PDF)
  5. Dramatis Personae: The Cast of the ModLab (2008–2024)
  6. We Are Arrant Knaves All: The Interns of Play the Knave (2015–2024)
  7. Main Theme Music for Play the Knave (Composed by Evan Buswell):